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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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there. >> i guess that is a good thing then. >> news4 today begins with breaking news. >> good morning, everybody, it is 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're following breaking news right now. two people killed in overnight shootings. first, investigators have been on the scene of a homicide in the southeast part of washington for hours. >> news4's molette green is live for us. what are you learning about this? >> aaron, good morning, yeah, you can see there are this alleyway here and all the way down there. here is what we know so far. a man is dead this morning, shot and killed late last night here in the 1900 block of 16th street with just a block off of good hope road here. this is video we'll show you from the scene when it was active a short while ago. you can see the officers here
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more information as they worked throughout the night on a motive and suspect in this case but a man is dead this morning and we're on the scene here live in southeast. back to you. >> molette, thank you. unfortunately, we continue our reporting of a deadly evening for police investigators. you saw molette on the scene there in southeast d.c. following is one that is taking place in prince george's county. this video from the 4100 block of byers street, this scene happened around 9:30 last night when somebody called in reports of a shooting. police found one person dead. again, as you heard molette mention, what is true in both of these cases is that right now, very little information is known about a suspect or even a motive in these cases. at the live desk, i'm erika
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we're talking about temperatures that may approach 80 degrees today. >> chuck has our weather headlines. >> a mild start this morning. fog out there first thing. be careful for that. otherwise it will be a dry start to the day. a big time warm upright ahead of a rain chance that comes in here just after lunch time today. couldn't rule out one or two rumbles of thunder. not expecting severe weather. as this strong front races down through here during the course of the late afternoon hours today, could rule out a brief thunder shower or here. keeping an eye on that. the thickest fog is up across maryland county. here is the way the day will break out. way into the 70s today. the record is 80. i'm not sure we can get all the way to 80 but we should make mid to upper 70s today. more about the election day forecast and a look at the weekend coming up in a few more minutes. let's go to melissa mollet talking about the red line. >> safetrack surge number 10.
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affecting a lot of people and they're having the buses replace trains through the area. it is quite slow for a lot of folks in the morning having to find a different way in until the end of november. beltway here at forest hill road. no problems inner or outer loop as we look at the beltway. we can see the rest of the beltway looks good as well. system have the roadwork northbound and southbound near congressional lane and same thing near cedar lane. hopefully both of those things will be cleared up soon. >> we continue to follow the breaking news that we reported just a few minutes ago. the two u.s. service members have died and another two injured during an operation in afghanistan. what we're learning this morning is that the service members came under fire during a mission in kunduz to assist afghan partners in clearing the taliban position. the department of defense is waiting to release the names of the service members until the families have been notified. i'm erika gonzalez.
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news for some baseball fans this morning. the chicago cubs are world series champions with that out right there. sad cleveland fans, they broke a 108 year drought when they beat the indians in a game that went into extra innings and had a rain delay. look at that. taking the tarp out to cover the field. the cubs had to win three games in a row including two on they had to hold on to a game that was tied after they had a 5-1 lead. they tied it up in the bottom of the eighth and the cubs held on and won. incredible. a lot of people are saying the cubs broke the curse and for once, the fans are not saying wait until next year. >> this is why we love sports. >> this is why we love sports! we turn to decision 2016.
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are once again fanned out across the nation. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton makes her final case in north carolina. her running mate tim kaine is in arizona. surrogates are fanned out across other battleground states. president obama in florida, bernie sanders in ohio, and chelsea clinton makes a stop in wisconsin. gop presidential nominee donald trump is stumping in three states today. florida, north carolina, and pennsylvania. his running mate mike pence makes his way to iowa, m it is the last day of early voting in maryland. polls close tonight at 8:00 and if you live in the district, early voting for you ends tomorrow at 7:00. coming up in just a few minutes, nbc's tracie potts joins us with a closer look at the push in the battleground states in the last few days. developing this morning, prince george's hospital centers neonatal intensive care unit is closed again for a potentially deadly bacteria.
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kristin wright is live outside the hospital with more on what officials are saying about this latest closure there. kristin? >> reporter: aaron, just stunning that this is happening again. today we hope to hear from hospital officials because as you mentioned, aaron, this is the second time in three months that the nicu has shut down. two newborns tested positive for the pseudomonas bacteria it with weakened immune system. there were five babies transferred from the nicu center to other hospitals neonatal intensive care units yesterday morning. prince george's hospital center's nicu just reopened in early october. last month. two babies in the nicu died in august. both of them tested positive for pseudomonas. testing that time found that the
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says in part, at this point there is no indication, no environmental indication or defined cause for the latest bacterium presence. therefore, out of an abundance of caution, prince george's hospital center today made the decision to temporarily close the nicu after a collaborative consultation with public health authorities. as you remember, the last time that they reopened the hospital said they had gone through an extve that they could reopen and here we are, talking about the nicu here, closed again in the statement. the hospital says that they will be, quote, relentless in finding out the source of the bacteria this time. aaron, eun, back to you. >> kristin wright. live for us. another developing story in maryland, fredrick police are investigating a stabbing in the 1100 block of key parkway before
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there. they have not released his name but officers say he was alert, conscious, and speaking. anyone with information is asked to call police. you can remain anonymous. today, the father who's preschooler took a loaded gun to school will be in court. attorneys tell news4, he had no idea how the gun was found in his son's back pack. a security guard found the gun in the back pack on tuesday morning. we learned in court documents, the child dropped his school after picking him up from his grandmother's house. for the first time, we'll hear metro's board react to general manager's paul wiedefeld's budget proposal calling for rate hikes. evans says congress could create a federal control board similar to the one that rescued the
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congress may not be on board if it will cost the taxpayers money. metro needs to be controlled by a smaller board with more power if it ever hopes to be fixed. i need an ambulance. i need an ambulance, and, it is a bus accident. >> frantic calls from the moments after two buses collided. this morning, we're learning much more about the victims killed in the crash. >> and casting a ballot from about the efforts from inmates to make sure their voices are heard. >> it may be november, but it won't feel like it today.
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vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, threatening cancer screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons. we need john delaney. a family man and entrepreneur, he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for
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and i approve this message. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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5:12 your time right now. getting ready for a warm, wet day. >> war day out. temperatures are in the 50s in montgomery and fairfax county. 61 in arlington and falls church. your outdoor planner then this morning, nice and mild. if you have something to do outside, go out for your daily run, do it before lunch time or late as lunch time. later this afternoon into this evening, showers are likely. tomorrow, windy and cool. the weekend will be filled with sunshine. plan on taking the umbrella with you as the rain chances will linger frr mid afternoon to mid evening today and if you're
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looking for election day, next tuesday. staying on the dry side. afternoon temperatures in the low to mid-60s. probably more like in the 40s, though, tuesday morning when a lot of folks go out there to get in line and exercise the constitutional duty. it is time for melissa mollet. her duty is all about traffic. >> it is it all about traffic here this morning. 95 north and 610 garrisonville. brand new crash. sounds like the accident is blocking two lanes now. no major slow down quite yet but we're seeing itself folks hitting the breaks there. taking a look at the bottom of the beltway and all these routes. branch avenue. pennsylvania avenue here, everything there is looking just fine here this morning. 270 still nice and clear from fredrick to the spur. it will take you 27 minutes. more on the crash on 95 coming up. we just had a school bus smash into a car and another car. >> i need an ambulance.
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>> frantic 911 calls detail the terror and confusion people felt in the moments after a school bus and mta bus collided in baltimore on tuesday. six people died there, including both bus drivers. the driver of the mta bus was 33-year-old ebony baker. she leaves behind four children and her father is now worried about his grandchildren. >> her little son keeps saying you're going to pick mommy up? he is the five-year-old one. you're going to pick you're going to pick mommy up? and i just, you know, i just hurt for that because he don't know. >> it is heartbreaking. the investigation here is focusing on the 67-year-old driver of the school bus. police want to know if he had some kind of medical emergency. it is 5:14 now. it looks like early voting is popular this election cycle. at last count, more than 29 million people have cast their ballots. compare that to the same time in
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voted early. so far, 43% of early voters are democrats. 40% are registered republicans the district has set a record for early voting. so far, more than 58,000 people in the district have cast their ballots. this week, some voters had a chance hand help casting their absentee ballots. as news4's mike segraves shows us, you may be surprised to find people voting at this particular location. >> reporter: this is nothing new at the d.c.ja inmates to vote. it is unique compared to other jurisdictions across the country. today more than 60 inmates cast their ballots. some of the inmates told us that it makes them feel more connected with society at a time in their life when they could use a little help. >> i think it is fair we can still be part of the community, to still have a choice. our voice, our opinion, and most importantly, that our vote still counts. >> reporter: at the d.c. jail,
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people shouting, asking for water and help during a dramatic protest. this brand new video of demonstrators speaking out against former kkk leader david duke. he took part in a senate debate at a historically black school in new orleans. he is running to replace david vitter. some protesters were pepper sprayed there. no one was seriously hurt. in news4 your health, a hyattsville to provide specialty care to the latino county. it is a partnership between doctors community hospital. the center will focus on a holistic approach to healthcare. businesses are doing a better job hiring veterans but could do a lot more to help them once they're in the workplace. those are the take aways from a new study from the u.s. chamber of commerce. while hiring them is a priority, 70% of employees do not provide
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programs to help civilian employees relate to veterans. some veterans in our area are exploring careers in comedy. that's right! 11 veterans just graduated from a six week comedy boot camp. they had their big debut last night at the d.c. improve. one of the graduates say that comedy helps him deal with ptsd. >> when you're able to look at a situation and think how can this be laugh, it really is therapy that way. >> the non-profit forces partnership came up with the boot camp. itself is the first comedy class in d.c. exclusively for veterans. cool. there is a party going on in chicago and it may never end at this rate. this is a live look from wrigley field where the chicago cubs are playing. it looks like it has died down. it was crazy for a little while there.
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you better believe it. the cubs world series victory, there are police still out there. >> and that is because there has been all kinds of celebrating. look at the video here. people on cars, the cars are moving. that is not a good thing, usually. people climbing poles. a lot of fans in the street celebrating and they're also loud. >> i'm the happiest person alive. >> congratulations. >> he passed out. he had nothing left after that. >> president obama also said congrats along with so many people on social media. >> cubs fan bill murray was pretty pumped up. at 5:45, we'll talk to jay gray. he is in chicago live for us to see if folks are still partying out there. >> i need to see his reaction. bill, he says his favorite
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all of these years later, seeing this happen. >> was that the world time they won the world series? >> 1908! >> he has a new years under his belt. chuck bell is looking at the next couple of days here. >> it will be a nice, mild finish to our warm spell here coming up later today. the warm air is in place and with even more warm air trying to come ahead of a rain chance, we have fog to concern ourselves with. nothing major. reduced visibility here. the top end northern montgomery county toward fredrick. this is ahead of a cold front which is going to bring a significant change in the weather here starting tonight into tomorrow. ahead of that, you can see it is not a solid line of rain here from western new york to kentucky. so this is not a 100 % chance of rain today, but it is a 60% chance. may want to make sure you have that umbrella ready to go. already this morning, some light rain showers in the shenandoah
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later today, there will be a better chance of passing showers. the front itself will probably not get through the i-95 corridor until around sun down tonight. the most likely time for rain starts after lunch time. comes through here about 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon and moves down into parts of southern maryland. occasional showers could linger on as late as 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. most of the rain chances mid to late afternoon. mild, mild, mild. we're in the 50s already this morning and we'll see a quick jump up in temperatures mid-70s by lunch time. the record for today is 80. we've had 80 for today all week. i think the rain may get here early enough to keep us in the 70s for today. again, your rain chance, 60%. take the umbrella. it is not a guarantee. tomorrow, about 20 degrees cooler. sunny, breezy and chilly. i'm optimistic about the weekend after a blustery and cool day tomorrow. both days look nice in the 60s.
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morning. let's go over to melissa mollet. she is tracking trouble on 95. >> 95 north at 610 garrisonville. it sounds like it has moved onto the shoulder. we're seeing a slow down. we did initially have two lanes blocked. we're seeing a delay here this morning. 95 north scaggsville road. you may see a delay. 270 northbound and southbound, no big problems there. fine. going to take you nine minutes out of town. also looking quite good. i'll see you back here at 5:31. >> thanks melissaa. if you're planning to vote early, you're running out of time. >> what you need to know to meet the deadline in your area. plus where the candidates are focusing their efforts today. >> we have chromosphere. >> look at this board full of
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5:25 now. this morning, we want to introduce you to some high school students. some engineers performing highly technical mathematical calculations. >> it is part of the aerospace program in molette green takes us inside to the student lab. >> reporter: taking careful measurements to test newton's laws of motion and one day go out of this world. back down on earth, this is their version of a rocket car
5:26 am
2016 is winding down but the race is still heating up. we'll have the latest in the campaign trail as well as what some local voters need know if they plan to vote early. >> take a live look outside where the warm weather is moving back in. back in. h fios is not cable. we're wired differently. back in. h
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it is 5:30 and with just five days to go until the presidential xn?election, there no time to lose. the state both candidates are zeroing in on today. >> prince george hospital center shuts down the nicu again. >> this will be a tough play. bryant, the cubs win the world
5:30 am
the curse. we continue our coverage of chicago's world series win live from the windy city. >> so exciting. live pictures from chicago where people have been celebrating outside of wrigley field all night long and into the morning. the parties are wrapping up just about now. >> it is 4:30 in the morning out there. >> good morning to yo we'll check in on your forecast this morning. we've been promising a couple of warm days here and we'll deliver and then move on. >> there you go. i like the delivery part first before we move on. can we talk about the 80s? >> you sure can. today is our last best chance for 80 degrees honestly until maybe next spring. we have to soak it in and enjoy it while we can. off to a mild start. temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 now. we'll make a race for the record
5:31 am
within a whisper of it. cold wind is coming our way for tomorrow. looking very nice around here for the weekend. already a couple of light rain showers in the shenandoah valley. rain chances around the d.c. metro area today peak somewhere between 2:00 and 6:00 this afternoon. so it is a race between the, can we get to 80 before the rain showers move in. it will be a close call. we'll make it easily at least into the mid to upper 70s by later on today. take a look at the school day forecast to get the kids dressed for the d minutes. it is melissa mollet's turn. looks like the troubles on 95 are getting worse. >> still have the trouble on 95. we're seeing a little bit of extra delay now. it was a yellow and orange, now we're looking at red which means we're quite slow. garrisonville, the crash is on the shoulder. we're still seeing those delays. 95 north and maryland at scaggsville, still have that disabled vehicle reported. we may also have a crash in the same area. going to check that out for you.
5:32 am
tunnel. crash blocking the right lane. inner and outer loop, no major problems. we'll look at the problem on 95 near 216 and give you travel times coming up in ten minutes. >> thanks melissa. we'll see you then. now to decision 2016, both presidential candidates continue the final pitches for the white house. donald trump and mike pence hit three states each while hillary clinton, tim kaine, and surrogates span out across the country. nbc's trac from capitol hill. good morning. let's start with hillary clinton. we're five days out and what does she need to do at this point to lockdown the battleground states. >> she has to stay the course and make the final argument to be competitive. we know in the battleground states she got wisconsin and pennsylvania in the lead right now. she slipped behind in nevada and florida is still very competitive and that is why we're seeing the candidates crisscross the battleground states.
5:33 am
will both be in north carolina today. >> what about trump, tracie at this point. his wife is supposed to give a speech. she rarely does this. is she going to help push trump ahead in the final days? >> they certainly hope so. she will be in pennsylvania today. i was looking at background on the location. she is outside pennsylvania in chester county. in chester county, four years ago, barely, barely voted for mitt romney. we're talking about just oer 500 votes so it was a razor thin margin. today they've honed in on this area for melania trump to go and try to push them over the top. >> all right, tracie potts, live on capitol hill for us, thank you. it is the last day of early voting in maryland today. polls close tonight at 8:00. they open at 8:00 this morning. if you live in the district, early voting for you ends tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. the district has set a record for early voting as of november
5:34 am
voted. that is 10,000 more than the previous record with three more days of early voting to go. district has 455,000 registered voters. typically about 10% take advantage of early voting. head to the nbc washington app for a link showing polling locations and up to the minute wait times. in virginia now, authorities are investigating an apparent tampering with an electronic road sign. the three consecutive message scenes, crooked hillary followed by a profane message calleding her a b word. it is not known how long the messages flashed with the tampered message. detectives need your help finding this missing woman from kensington.
5:35 am
she was supposed to return to the home on sunday. anyone with more information should call police. the update to a possible abduction at a woodbridge walmart. the people involved filmed the incident and posted it on youtube. investigators say no criminal activity committed here so no charges will be filed. the oldest synagogue is being moved. it will be picked up and relocated. right now it is on third and g streets. it will end streets in a few years. not far to go but look at the size of the building. this is to make room for the capitol crossing development that will link downtown d.c. to capitol hill. this is the second relocation for the building since the synagogue opened 140 years ago. push back in prince william county. the planning commission is considering plans for a mosque to be built on a 14 acre lot. it is a rural area south of manassas. some who live in the area say
5:36 am
much land. they also say it would threaten the landscapes. a growing all dulles area muslim society or adams doesn't see a problem with the plans. one of the leaders has said if a church is okay, then why not a mosque? the calendar says november, but it doesn't feel like it right now. take a look at some of the current temperatures. chuck bell says it is about to get even warmer today. a closer look at that and how to dress the kids for the bus stop. scary moments for kids on a bus in montgomery pepper spray went off. >> here is a live look from chicago this morning. where the city is still celebrating after the cubs win the world series. a live report on all of the celebration and action coming up
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i believe america is already great. yes, we have our challenges. we must give every child a great education, build an economy that works for everyone, end tax breaks for companies that move our jobs overseas. by working together, democrats and republicans, we can do these things. that's why we must defeat those who want to turn americans against one another. i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message, cause united,
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we're talking about a warm day. not feeling like november, chuck bell. >> it will feel like november by this time tomorrow morning, so be ready. this is the last of the warm weather for now. maybe the last chance at 80 before next year. already, just a little very light rain across the southern shenandoah valley. bus stop temperatures are mild,
5:40 am
make sure the kids have the umbrella. there is a 60% chance of rain coming our way later this afternoon. sunglasses this morning, umbrellas for later on. short sleeve weather for sure with temperatures in the upper 70s to near 80. the daily grade, giving it a b plus. it might have been an a except for the rain showers. today's high is 79, a look at the ten day forecast coming in in ten minutes. here is melissa mollet dealing >> 95. both of them a little problem at one and one in virginia in new mexico -- in maryland, we had the disables. not sure if two things happened or if it was a crash there with one lane getting by there this morning. 95 northbound at 610 garrisonville in virginia crashes on the shoulder but we have a two mile back up there as you're heading northbound. that just adding to it because
5:41 am
tunnel. we'll have travel times in ten minutes. it is 5:41. we have breaking news right now if you're just waking up this morning, the chicago cubs have won the world series. a live report from the windy city, including the celebrations well under way. >> and it is something a lot of people in our area rely on. uber. changes are on the way. how they could impact you. >> a prince george's county hospital is closing the nicu
5:42 am
5:43 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
5:44 am
developing this morning, prince george's county -- prince george's hospital center shut down the neonatal intensive care unit because of a potentially deadly bacteria. news4's kristin wright is live with more on the second closure in three months.
5:45 am
>> reporter: so many things about this are disturbing. we're talking about babies that are already premature or sick. also, hospital officials say they don't know where the bacteria is coming from. we want to show you pictures of ambulances leaving prince george's hospital center yesterday carrying babies being transferred out of the nicu yesterday morning. two newborns tested positive for it is potentially deadly for infants who have weakened immune systems. now, remember, two babies in the nicu here died in august. both of them tested positive for pseudomonas. the nicu shut down and just reopened about a month ago. hospital officials, at the time they reopened, said that the unit was safe and that they had gone through an extensive water filtration and sanitation process to remove the bacteria
5:46 am
concerns over the rediscovered presence within the nicu setting. we'll be relentness in researching and eliminating the bacteria, however possible. the hospital also adding, in the statement, that they have no indication at this point to tell them exactly where the bacteria is coming from. that is the big question today and we do hope to hear just in a statement, but speak to them at some point today. back to you. >> thank you. kristin wright live in cheverly. we're working to give you more details about the bacteria discovered. pseudomonas can lead to serious illness or death to those with a compromised immune system. the chances of you getting it is in a hospital setting monday are
5:47 am
usually spread on the hands of workers or dirty equipment. here is the 0-1. this is going to be a tough play. bryant, the cubs win the world series! bryant makes the play! it is over! >> this video is not getting old. you'll see it over and over again today and maybe for years and years to come. that was the moment the chicago cubs won their first world if you stayed up to watch it, wow, this was a late game. it was a good one. >> what a thrilling game. fans partying right now. nbc's jay gray live for us in chicago. you had visitors earlier in the morning, jay. >> yeah, eun, aaron, you talk about it being a late game. that is nothing compared to the party. it is still going october we're just ahead of 5:00 here in the morning in chicago and there are
5:48 am
wrigleyville just wanting to be a part of the celebration here. it started before the end of the game last night and it is going continue, a lot of people say, well into the daylight hours here. i think what you'll end up seeing in chicago today is a lot of people that are either showing up late or don't show up. those who do show up at work will probably have a headache. at school, you'll see a lot they wouldn't want to be anywhere else than right here outside of wrigley field celebrating the cubs world championship. we still have a parade at some point in the near future. it should be a lot of fun. it continues to be a lot of fun here this morning. back to you. >> all right. jay gray live for us in chicago. thank you. 5:48 our time right now. developing this morning, officials in wisconsin are offering a $20,000 reward for
5:49 am
a university of wisconsin student, a foreign exchange student died on monday after he was assaulted near campus early sunday morning. the victim was from saudi arabia. six people arrested and several pepper sprayed in new orleans. you're looking at the dramatic video. students were speaking out against kkk leader david duke taking part in a senate debate retiring david vitter. one of the people they arrested was a student. a move to purge voter rolls in north carolina has resulted in a lawsuit and a 100 year old woman temporarily moving her right to vote. -- losing her right to vote. no ruling was reached but the national voter registration act rules say the board of elections cannot remove voters at all from
5:50 am
when gracie hardison learned she couldn't vote, she was shocked. >> way back you couldn't vote and i tell everybody, you couldn't vote. go out and vote. >> her name has been withdrawn from the list and she says she plans to vote on tuesday. in news4 your health this morning, a new government study assessed the diets students. they are eating too much salt. it is far more than the recommended limit of 19 to 2,300 milligrams. to help your child cut back on the salt, try limiting how much packaged foods they eat. that is including breads, cold cuts, and soups. millions of americans are facing sticker shock at the pharmacy counters. 30 million have diabetes. 6 million use insulin.
5:51 am
years. one family is fighting to keep their six-year-old son alive. his type 1 diabetes demands a dozen shots of insulin a day. it is breaking the bank. >> it makes me feel likes i'm paying somebody for my kids life. i can't stop paying it. there is no generic. i can't gom >> only three companies make insulin drugs. there is no generic option. what patients can do about it, tonight on nbc nightly news. an 11-year-old girl who set off pepper spray inside a school bus will not be charged. 30 children were hospitalized as a precaution. montgomery county police say the spray accidently went off in the parking lot of watkins mill
5:52 am
bell is here with a look at the next, what do you say, ten days? >> ten days, all the way out past election day. starting to narrow down whether or not we'll be dealing with sunshine or rain drops on the big day to get out to the voting booth. we'll be dealing with both. sunshine here this morning and rain chances are getting more and more likely for later on this afternoon. this cold front here is already moved through the city of chicago. they will be celebrating the world series win in dry weather today. that front will arrive on the get past sun down tonight and bring much cooler weather into the picture for tomorrow on into the weekend. future weather times out the rain chances arriving in the shenandoah valley. potentially around lunch time and right through the heart of the d.c. metro, i think between about 2:00 and 5:00 this afternoon lingering showers could last longer than that but most of the rain chances today top out around 4, 5, 6:00. we're in the 50s right now. it will be a warm day today. temperatures up into the upper
5:53 am
and i'm forecasting 79. we had 80 all week long but i think the rain may get here just early enough to keep us from there. as we get into the day on saturday, though, it looks like we'll have dry weather for the weekend. saturday and sunday both, don't forget to set your clocks back and election day itself is looking very nice with dry weather and temperatures in the 60s. today may be our last shot for 80 until 2017. back-ups on 95 are getting worse by the minute. >> three miles at this point. chopper 4 j 95 northbound at scaggsville road. you can see, though, still have some major slow downs as chopper zooms out. look at that. just kind of snaking around northbound all of the delays. 95 virginia. northbound, at 610 garrisonville. the crash is on the shoulder. 66 problem is out of the way. 270 is okay. top of the beltway behaving itself this morning. 66 inbound and 95 northbound
5:54 am
>> thank you, melissa. developing right now, the man police say ambushed, shot, and killed two police officers in iowa could be charged today. sergeant anthony beminio and justin martin were killed while sitting in the cars in the des moines area. they caught up scott green after he flagged somebody down and called them to call 911. he lives with his mother trying to evict him. >> never would have guessed it would have come to this. that he was that unsettled. >> a law enforcement source tells nbc news, green has a history of mental problems and recently had a run in with officers. he was allegedly asked to leave a high school football game for holding a confederate flag during the national anthem. metro will hold another meeting to get your thoughts about plans for the new carollton metro station.
5:55 am
parking spots. in the place would be a redeveloped park and ride surface lot. a new office building and apartments. there would be 300 spaces for metro commuters. they listened to feed back at the station yesterday. if metro approves the plan, construction would begin in early 2017. metro board chairman jack evans says the federal government should take over the transit system to save it from a death spiral. evans says congress should create a federal control board rescue the district in the 1990's. he says congress likely wouldn't consider the move if it would cost taxpayers money. metro needs to be controlled by a smaller board with more power if it ever hopes to be fixed, evan says. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters.
5:56 am
they examined the country's 30 busiest terminals. jd power, google maps and others ranking airports based on categories such as flight delays, cancellations, average wait times. public transit and bars and restaurants. the best? phoenix. the worst, all three had laguardia at the bottom. >> thank you, landon. if you open up your uber app, you may notice changes. the ride hailing service it is the biggest revamp to the app in four years. changes include the addition of up front pricing and the ability to share your contact list with the app. doing that will allow you to open a person rather than a place. it sends the person a one time request to use his or her location and directs the driver there. we're tracking breaking news in the district and prince
5:57 am
homicide investigations. >> d.c. police positioned at both ends of the alleyway after a late night shooting left a man dead. what we're learning from the scene, coming up. >> breaking this morning, two u.s. service members killed in afghanistan. two more wounded. >> a hospital nicu closes again. two babies test positive for a potentially deadly bacteria.
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at 6:00 a.m. we continue to follow breaking news in prince george's county and d.c. that is where police are looking into two separate homicides. >> let's get you up to speed on the investigation under way in minute. first to the district and the scene unfolding on 16th street southeast. that is where we find news4's molette green. >> good morning, everyone. take a look at the scene here. this is the alleyway where it all happened. when the sun comes up, detectives will get a better look at the crime scene here. we can tell you a man died, shot here late last night and police
6:00 am
the 1900 block of 16th street. d.c. police worked this scene until actively until about 2:00 this morning. we're working to find out a motive and suspect information in this investigation. that is the latest live from the scene. back to you. >> molette, thank you. developing this morning, we're working to learn more about a deadly shooting last night in capitol heights. it happened on byers street around 9:30. officers arrived and found a man had been sho police are offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest of a suspect. two u.s. service members have died and another two injured during an operation in afghanistan. we're learning the service members came under fire during a mission in kunduz to assist afghan partners in clearing a taliban position. the department of defense this morning is waiting to release the service member's names until


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